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Cupping Massage

Massage Cupping 
Massage Cupping is a form of therapeutic bodywork that is used to facilitate deep tissue release and aid in bringing about numerous healthful benefits to the body, such as: Enhanced flexibility, lymphatic.blood circulation, tissue nourishment, and body detoxification. 
Massage cupping is performed by applying reverse pressure to the body, via suction cups that are generally placed or massaged along problem areas, in the direction of natural lymphatic flow.  
Reducing stagnation and restrictions by breaking down adhesions and help increase circulation.
Reduce the build-up of cellular waste, toxins, inflammation, and excess fluids by drawing them out from deep within the muscles/soft tissue to the body's surface where they are more efficiently disposed of via the lymphatic system
Cupping also sedating the nervous system, loosen scar tissue and adhesions, stretch muscles and connective tissues, 
Cupping is especially good for fibromyalgia, tissue and joint inflammation, sluggish colon, stagnant lymph and edema, poor circulation, sciatica pain, lung inflammation, insomnia, anxiety. 
Massage cupping is not to be used with excessive exfoliation. Do not shave or do any exfoliation on the day of a cupping massage.
Do not expose your skin to excessive heat (hot shower, sauna, sun tanning) or cold around your session.
Clients should not exercise  4-6 hours after a cupping session.
Drinking plenty of water after the session and try to avoid caffeine is highly recommended. 
Massage cupping is NOT for clients who have:
Electrical implants
Low blood pressure 
Very low energy
first trimester of pregnancy
Massage cupping is used with caution on children, elderly, diabetics, and clients with varicose veins.
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