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About the Practitioners

Bethany Simons, LMT

Graduate of THE MASSAGE SCHOOL 2010 

Bethany is a native of New York and has been living in Massachusetts since 2006. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education in Albany, NY she found her calling in bodywork and pursued Reiki I training as well. She received her certification as a Massage Therapist from The Massage School in Acton, Massachusetts in 2010 and joined the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Her methods of bodywork are primarily Orthopedic Massage, its objectives are to restore structural balance in the muscle groups throughout the body, and decompress arthritic or painful joints. Muscle groups shorten, due to prolonged poor posture or repetitive motions, and shortened muscle groups need to be stretched out or they will pull bones onto nerves and blood vessels, and cause or contribute to all sorts of orthopedic conditions. She believes that conditions like joint arthritis are symptoms that result from tight muscles around a joint. Other modalities frequently used include; Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue tailored to the client, Swedish Massage, Reflexology & Sports Bodywork as well as pre & post-natal and induction massage. Bethany believes there is a vast difference between therapeutic bodywork and recreational massage and gets the most out of working with clients who appreciate the value of the former. She is most rewarded when client get off her table feeling that sense inner and outer balance that is often lost in the daily grind.

Why I do what I do...

I am a Orthopedic Massage Pain Relief Specialist and the philosophy behind my approach is that our body has the natural ability to heal itself but over time chronic muscular pain results from a combination of injury, poor posture and stress. Through manipulation of soft tissue and the use of effective non-invasive therapies, therapeutic massage will help to heal your body. It won't happen with one treatment but over time, together we can creates the possibility for positive changes to occur in the body. This means not only providing relief from pain and solace from stress, but also using the tools of education and self-care which each of us can use to cultivate a joint investment in personal health.

While my specialty is Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Massage, I provide a wide-range of speciality therapies, such as Pre and Post-Natal and Induction Massage. Every massage session is tailored to your unique needs to maximize the results of the treatment and enhance the therapeutic benefits.  No matter which you choose, the end result will always be a release from tension and muscular pain. This kind of work requires open dialog between the client and therapist so please voice your concerns, needs, likes and dislikes.


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